IoT Security Measures

Advanced manual analysis: protocol assessment, DoS test, firmware reverse engineering, etc.

Service Overview

Our team manually perform a complete assessment of IoT devices, through which we look for the existence of security issues.
By determining the issues, risks, etc., of each IoT device, you can prepare a swift response for when an incident occurs. With specific security measures in place, a product's value can be enhanced.

Assessment Flow

  • STEP1

    Preparations for IoT security Assessment

    Understand Device Characteristics and Define Scope of Assessment

    We get a good grasp of a device's characteristics and specify the crucial areas that must undergo a security assessment.

    1. Interview regarding device configuration

      We gain an understanding of the configuration using the device specification and by speaking with the representative.

    2. Formulation of the IoT security assessment's implementation policy and quote

      We formulate the projects that must be implemented according to the goals of the IoT security assessment. Afterwards, we provide a quote.

  • STEP2

    IoT Security Assessment

    A Completely Manual IoT security Assessment

    The entire assessment is performed manually. We can also conduct advanced analysis of hardware.

    1. Assessment of Protocols

      We can analyze even proprietary protocols that require advanced analytics.

    2. Firmware Test, etc.

      We investigate whether it's possible to analyze the secret logic and key or to apply an unauthorized update. We also perform DoS testing and investigate the possibility of attacks that exploit device characteristics, etc.

  • STEP3

    IoT Security Assessment Report and Proposal for Improvement

    Analysis/Assessment Results and Report

    We comment on the vulnerabilities discovered, the overall level of security, risks, etc., and discuss future countermeasures.

    1. Steps to Reproduce Vulnerabilities

      We outline the procedure to reproduce each detected vulnerability. We will also explain the countermeasures.

    2. Overall Evaluation

      We comment on the overall level of the security, risks, etc., and discuss future countermeasures.

Sample Report

In the report of the assessment results, we present the details, reproduction procedures, risks, and countermeasures for the vulnerabilities that are discovered, so that the client company can correct them quickly.
*Please request a sample report on the inquiry page. A representative will send them within two business days.


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