Our strength is our hackers’ precise vulnerability assessment techniques.

The CEO of our company, Makita, is an active security engineer that gained ample experience in establishing security teams at Softbank, CyberAgent, etc.
Our members comprise mainly of hackers that achieved excellent results at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s CTF Challenge Japan and also at DEFCON CTF, the largest hacking event in the world. Our engineer-minded members make no compromise in improving assessment technologies.
Our manual assessment that does not depend solely on automated tools and our advanced analysis technologies based on reverse engineering have kept our clients coming back with requests related to vulnerability assessment. They range from various major service providers to major security venders.

Web Application Assessment

In addition to SQL injection, OS command injection, and other basic assessment items, we conduct customized vulnerability assessment tailored to the characteristics of your web service and its architecture. Our security engineers simulate attacks from the viewpoint of an attacker to detect vulnerabilities hidden inside a web application.

Smartphone App Vulnerability Assessment

This service includes vulnerability assessment of Android and iOS apps as well as measures against cheating in social apps. We perform dynamic analysis on actual devices as well as static analysis of the apk/ipa files, and we also support API assessment of the server. We are fully equipped to perform a wide range of tests, from client analysis, transmission manipulation, and simulated attacks on server vulnerabilities to highly-advanced reverse engineering.

IoT Security Measures

This service includes vulnerability assessment of IoT devices such as smart locks and smart meters, which are capable of connecting to the Internet or communicating with each other. Our IoT security measures take into account vulnerabilities that are specific to each of the devices that have various functionalities, such as automated control, automated recognition, remote measurements, etc.


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